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Old 06-23-2013, 12:33 PM
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Just another rock paper scissors. If you are frustrated using peasants as your support units then try the orcs or elves. They have 'peasants' that can fight a little and are easier to get upgrades for.

An example is the elves female warden. She has a bow (thus can level up easier than a weak melee unit). Then you can upgrade her speed. She has the ability to call in a downpour that will put out fires and she can loot for you.

I'm in Love. Marauders on the other hand.... not so much love there.

Make 3 cities, one of each race. Play around with them for a while until you find one the suits your flavor.

Also, make lists and post them. PVP sucks and here is why
  • Fire is too powerful
  • Peasants can not reasonably be used to put out fires as they are too slow and difficult to level up.
  • Units move slowly making it mandatory that you spend points in speed. This lowers the diversity of your units.

The devs have been great to respond to things, now to see how the patch notes look.