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Old 06-23-2013, 01:27 AM
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Wink Need help online or in game.

so Hello there, firstly, i hope your all enjoying the game a lot, i keep saying again and again but seriously, its so hard for a company of this magnitude to appear from nowhere and release a game this good and have legitimate fans... that not only support it but wiull fight haters and work for better game-play in the form of updates and advice etc its really awesome and im proud to be a part of it ok if you need any help in game add me ComedyChris - make sure you put capital C for the Comedy and Chris as that makes a difference, also add me on steam, twitch or post on the DOF forums.

first go to this page as one of the Devs has created an epic guide and before this i didnt even know you could go farm or fight random npc's so... have a read...

secondly there is a contest atm showing of your city, camp, battle win/lose feat etc, anything in game, must not be edited or changed in anyway, but the rewards are pretty cool so.. go give that a go...

Steam --

DOF site --

remember that there isnt many mods or devs at the moment working for Reverie but, email them a question or post on steam/ and they will reply so fast, as i say if you cant wait im available to help most of the time in game and on steam, so as usual, have fun playing the game, gl on your adventures and remember everytime you seige someone in pvp you 10% more awesome win or lose... "unless you fight me.. then your just nasty :P" bye xx