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Old 06-20-2013, 11:25 PM
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Agreed, cept for the crowns thing. I have at least one of each building at rank 5, both levels of pallisade and both level of stone walls completed. and almost all the tactics/upgrades and i only spent 10 bucks, and after i spent that 10 bucks i realized I didn't need to. I've even have left over crowns that i have allocated towards PVP protection. Like you I thought that crowns were hard to get, but once you complete lentoths chain, he gives you repeatable small quests that give 4-8 crowns each completion.... and oh your probably gona throw the "omgz da grind" at me. but its a very simple and rewarding way to level up the troops i want to level up. i could easy grind up 600 crowns in a day if i was feeling like being a leader and making an alliance. no problem. Otherwise I agree 100% and 200% with the multiplayer suggestions! Good post +1
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