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Old 06-20-2013, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Serohs View Post
Hello all,

I started playing yesterday and see a great potential with this game. Anyway I have a few questions that I am hoping to get answered.

My first question is once you build a market place in your town does that save from having to travel to other towns to trade? Also I do not fully understand gold decay when I travel to trade. Very frustrating to bring gold to buy supplies and then find out once you get to the trading town your gold is dwindling?
First of all, welcome.

When you build a market place, yes you can trade your resources without going to NPC town for a trade. But, more you trade in market place, less resources you will get for same amount of money money.
Gold decay - if your storage capacity is less than your current gold amount, you will lose gold until those two numbers level-up.

Next question is I am thinking of purchasing a 2nd copy of the game so that I can play with one of my sons. With that said if someone who owns the game already wants to jump in on their account on someones PC who also has the game will it work? To clarify are you only able to log into the game on computers you have activated your CD key/license on, or are free to log in on other computers with different keys/licensing. I hope I did not make that confusing.
I think you should be fine, because every time you open DoF, you are asked to log-in with your user informations. And you can always download non-Steam version of game

Alliances/guilds... I see mentions of this here and there on the forums/steam, etc.. Is there any sub forum here or will there be for guilds to describe themselves for us non guilded players to look at and see what would best fit with out play styles/hours etc?

It's an good idea, and DEVs will consider making a new forum for that
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