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Old 06-19-2013, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by waddymc View Post
Hi everyone

Just bought the game and trying to figure out couple things.

1) i got the royal dragon and some dwarves ive gone to my bank and collected the dwarves but when i try to deploy dragon it says "homeland battalion cap" i have spare population cap so is this something different? Do i have to wait till a certain time till i can deploy dragon?
Also if the dragon or dwarves gets killed are they lost forever or will they respawn somewhere?

2) It says in the help that your dead units will ressurect back at base near the well after time, is this just partial unit losses and will replenish your units back to full strength or will it replace your lost units from quests if the whole unit gets killed? I did a quest and lost 2 units of swordmen but they dont seem to be coming back.

Thanks for any answers.
1. Dragons take more than 1 population space (not sure about right number, since i'm not at home right now). Also, dragons are immortal until level 8. After that level, they can be perma-killed.

2. Units will replenish it's health and unit number if atleast one unit member is alive (in other word, if unit is still alive). If whole unit gets wiped, they are gone for good.
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