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Old 06-19-2013, 12:04 AM
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Default Reply for someone whos helped so much in so little time

basically im going to review his review, the game-play is stunning rts with major animation and graphical quirks that are miles up from previous un-finished "in my opinion" version of the game before, now things are so much different the game is actually fun...

the different races are actually different playstyles and there's almost, lore based creativity instilled into them not just cosmetic changes. +1 for the races

admitting the faults is a big step forward and it acknowledges that they know theres things to work on and that gives me great hope for a great game, so thanks

the graphics are cool, the colours are really vibrant and the difference in snow rain grass day/night is so cool and makes it change the environments feel drastically better and much more dynamic.

on a personal note, me and my bf bought 2 copies, at the start of the stream and have been playing, since, on his account, its excellent in so many ways and the social aspect is fantastic, the guy, "brandon" hi11zone who was streaming, was so polite, enthusiastic, creative and intelligant but made me feel like his friend not a customer, he was playing and joking, while answering emails, ide say a promotion is due soon?

if you guys every need help advertising "im already gonna tell my freidns serious game nerd btw" but any more, or admin stuff, forum mods, game mods, support, or wiki devs? im free a lot.. good job on the game and im looking forward to more updates and patches and maybe more projects and Ip's in the future. gl, and thank you x