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Old 06-10-2013, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Good suggestions! Some of it is planned, and some will possible (bigger sizes) with Siegeworks pathfinding updates.

With regard to the hold fire button - please clarify - as siege and ranged units already have a hold fire button.
Thanks for the reply, I think this game is going to be very impressive.

I'm new of this game, so sorry if I'm wrong, but when you click the hold button they have to stop firing until new orders. It appened that I run out of ammo instead, but I don't understand why. Maybe I missed something. If they stop firing, then hold works fine.

It would be good also at least an icon on the troop portrait, to show if the heal ability (and others with a cooldown) is still working, instead of clicking everytime on the unit. I think it could be enough and would still leave to the player the micromanagement of his army.

If I can add something about deployment of troops, it should be good if selecting a number of them and dragging the mouse with the right click, they would deploy one close to the other, forming a line of battalions. Then if I group all the lines together (i.e. archers on the front in skirmish mode ready to retreat, spears on the back and cavalry on the sides), the group should freeze also the formations, not only the units inside.
In this way, dragging the whole group in different directions, you can change the angle and the position of big armies without loosing their starting formation (in Total War you can also right click to rotate the formation).

I hope to be useful and not boring, bye!

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