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Old 06-06-2013, 10:40 AM
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Default [CONTEST] Best screenshot

Hello, great community of DoF!

Since our playerbase is getting bigger every day, with much more users and posts on our official forum, we thought that it is time to give something back to our community and, in meantime, have some fun.

I'm sure that you can guess, because of thread title, what is this all about, but I have to write it anyway.

We will be making one big "best screenshot" competition. All that you have to do is to take ingame screenshot (of whatever you like - your hometown, your army, landscape, battle etc.) and post it here. After some time (exact date can be found under competition rules), new thread will be made where every user can vote for his favorite. Winners will be getting BIG rewards.

1. Screenshots can be submitted from June, 6th to June, 24th
2. Only Dawn of Fantasy in-game screenshots are eligible for this contest
3. On 24th of June, new thread will be opened with a poll. Community votes will decide winner.
4. Only one screenshot per forum user - MAKE IT COUNT!
5. Using Photoshop or any other program to edit screenshot isn't allowed (Rule #6 - only exception)
6. Please use MS Paint or any other program to convert your images/screenshots to JPG format - instructions can be found here - sharing site

1st place: 10 game keys for DoF and 600 crowns/influence
2nd place: 5 game keys for Dof and 360 crowns/influence
3rd place: 2 game key and 240 crowns/influence
4th-10th place: 1 game key and 120 crowns/influence

We are waiting for your screenshots!


P.S. If you have any questions/doubts about this, feel free to PM me.
Community Manager - feel free to PM me about any game related issue, bug, question...

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