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Old 05-10-2007, 01:24 AM
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Thank your for the quick reply, and yes that answered my question .

A semi suggestion is that of quick wall movement. From someone who played Rome Total War I always found it annoying when someone attacked you that you had to go through each unit individually to place them on a different wall. Maybe there could be some sort of feature that would allow you to select a wall and all of your units would move to defend that side. Just a thought.

I'm a little worried about giving suggestions due to how far along the game seems.

Edit for Darvin:

I agree with you on the cheaters part and never really looked at rushes in that light.

What about torrents though. I mean, torrent sites aren't illegal and nor is sharing files but putting up a full game like that must be illegal? Games are very clearly labeled and available for download. It seems like game companies don't even try, and obviously there would be a way around the actions taken but still it seems game torrents go unopposed.

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