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Old 05-25-2013, 01:41 AM
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Thumbs up nice and good work

Nice to read such a possitive comment from someone that is not even ingame now..
For the moment i play about 61 hrs and really enjoy this game a lot.. so you did a good thing to join!
And yes there are some probs/bugs etc.. but my experience is that they really work hard to fix it (the big bug in mulpiple-quest i have was solved in less then 24 hrs and all is working fine now, ended the quests and the following quests without any further probs.
- The only probs i have now is that sometimes the health and sometimes (mercenary) troops are gone when i'm going from a quest-zone back in the world-zone.
So i do not payed heal any more now (only when i'm to far from my city and like travel further away), cost to mach gold, and most of the time, i heal them on the healthwell in my city.
- and the prob with merenarys i buy them in Dagbor, train them, do a quest and when i came out this quest-zone the new troops i just buy are gone.. this happends 2 times now.. not fun, (=lost gold from buying and training but hope this will also a bug that can be fixed.
- With the hero's i have a little prob; when i take them in out of my city in the world-zone, then they show about 20 till 50% helath lost.. when i go to Dagbor for healing, i have to pay for the heal.. but.. when i do not heal them before and go in quest-zone.. the health is full anyway.. so i'm thinking is just a visual prob when they are in an armee..

*** Then one personal question for the ingame Mod(s):
When i have that prob with multiple bug, is lost some gold + 2 hrs protection, can you set this back or give some back to compensate??
Do i have to be online for it and ask that again then??

Thanks in advace and keep up the good job, like i say before, i like the game a lot and appriciate all the good/hard work you all are doing on it.
This will become a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug and very enjoyable game!!!