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Old 05-24-2013, 11:59 AM
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Default Is it a dream come true?

I was browsing trough the steam games and noticed this game called dawn of fantasy: kingdom wars, it looked interesting so I went and watched the trailer, it really reminds me a bit of stronghold and total wars so I decided to take a further look since I have always enjoyed playing RTS games, then I stumbled upon some negative posts from players who describe a lot of bugs etc, but when I kept on reading I noticed that the devs are doing a lot to fix the bugs and that they really have a lot of promising stuff planned for the game!

So i only got myself more and more excited while reading up on the game features, looking at the game with the big potential it has, I got myself really pumped up... and here I am, and not only did I buy the game for myself, I gifted it to a friend too! Since he also joins RTS games and I made him pumped up too.

So now I am downloading the game with my super slow internet x.x I haven't even played it yet but I can already see myself enjoying this game and promoting it to my friends.

You guys also did a great job on the trailer! didn't take much to draw me in. If it really is as amazing as I think I'll continue to support the game!

greetings shizuyami