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Old 05-21-2013, 05:26 AM
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I see a lot of good ideas, so keep them coming. Vind, callofbuty, and cyrusbm... many of your ideas are ideas or issues we know about like the plateau effect and city feels empty and needs decorations. Most of your guys ideas have already been brought up previously and will be in the works after more pressing matters like pathfinding and a few gamebreaking bugs are fixed. We are also trying to make the core hero aka " you " in game mounted or something to distinguish them.

Loving it so far guys

Edit: and axio... the reason I said please do not mention those things is because we already know that that is a major issue and that that should be dealt with first. We know no one wants to play a broken game! It just takes a few devs a little longer to tweak and fix things when you don't have a demi legion of devs like a giant company does. Thank you though!

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