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Old 05-20-2013, 07:37 PM
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you say no bug fixes no pathfinding.... but these are the issue that the game have.... atm plz dont add nothing just clean what we have.
wanna make more money? enchant graphics. drive the player in a colorful and immersive world!
this is the only way to make game better and have more resources to develop it.
the game have rly big potential but atm idk why is not used, i know lots ppl that abandon the game beacause they feel like in a beta.
i cant believe that none want finance the game.. Atm the "ip" that u develop isnt enought for the "2013 game market". we are in 2013 we cant allow that the game have such bugs and bad graphics after 2 months from the release even if indie game. the game cant allow like minecraft graphic beacause it's innovative but not so much how minecraft was for example.
i know that's hard but fix pathfinding change graphics engine add more effects in my opinion is the only way to climb the stairs of success for this game.

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