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Old 05-20-2013, 01:43 PM
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some new thoughts along the lines of helping financially support the developers / expand the team further for an ever faster expanding game!

The micro-transaction system is already in place so I wouldn't imagine it would be terribly difficult to take advantage of it by offering all knew enticing aesthetic upgrades that would give us more customization options. It would be something else to do with all those extra crowns we cant figure out what to do with.

For example offer alternative skins for hero units or even advanced elite skins for standard units. Allow customizable flags for a price of crowns. Maybe new skins or building styles to purchase. or we could buy the option to "evolve" our existing units into more interesting alternative designs that would be functionally the same but have a unique appearance. Maybe instead of Mace men we could have fighting monks (still light infantry that do blunt damage but look totally different with different animations). There are lots of possibilities here and if other games are any indication people will sell their first born for the opportunity to look unique.