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Old 05-17-2013, 07:21 AM
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1. Priority onto the Pathfinding.
This is currently the most dramatic issue in DoF.
And it needs attention.

The Pathfinding is not only causing lags and thus also makes it very hard to PvP.
It also hinders any halfwat decent coordination of bigger Armys.

2. Priority Hero Customization and Unit Customization.
The Option to Customize your Hero with additional Equipment and Graphical Addons is an long awaitet feature and one of the features which grants an Game an high degree of personality towards players which keeps em onboerd.
Same goes for Additional Unit Customization Options.
Of course only minor stuff for example very simple options you can research at different buildings.
Like Heavy Armor (Increasing Protection Decreasing Speed) and Light Armor (Increasing Speed but Decreasing Protection)
With an minor Graphical Change.
Theres alot of options for this but if any Unit had maybe 2 or 3 possible Addons which however are NOT an absolute improvement but instead improve certain parts over others this adds greatly to personalization of Armys.

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