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Old 05-17-2013, 05:08 AM
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Ive actually been in the process of becoming a fellow mod for a couple weeks now, and I have an entire notebook full of info, ideas and issues with this game. I'm pretty much an expert at any rts/mmorts made in the last 15 years (basically, all of them lol) and the first, most major issue that needs to be addressed is, what I call, the plateau effect. Once youve maxed all the best stuff out, it's not long at all until you get bored. (Not myself, but ive certainly experienced this with most mmorts's) It is critical that the developers address this issue. The best way to do so, in my opinion, is to add the ability to "conquer" or establish a second or multiple cities. The second best way, (which wouldnt help nearly as much) would be, to simply add another wall, more building slots, and more population. Regardless, such issues need to be addressed immediately (Big expansion or small update) and consistently, to keep the game progressive and appealing.