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Old 05-14-2013, 12:49 AM
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Then I would like to apologize first off to kayak and the other person who found this bug... either I misunderstood what was being explained to me,or it was explained to me in poor light and I retract my statements. I thought the mod who was responsible, was a mod who does not do their job, and was posting screenshots and bragging, that he had so many crowns. Since it was the fact that this was NOT the case and the reason they had so many crowns was a BUG and since this is KAYAK and INK we are talking about... they bust their ass for the community and this game, as many mods do. Please understand community, mods do not have godly powers... and some of us have such big armies because we have been playing it for two years already.

Some of us busted our asses for days straight just because we felt like helping people and because of that we got mod status. So please instead of pointing fingers and looking down upon someone so quickly we should slow down and calmly asked what actually happened or the cause of something questionable. Myself included. In all honesty I will still pvp with my army... i pvped with it before I was a mod and i will pvp with the exact same thing afterwards.