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Old 05-13-2013, 11:31 AM
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**** happens.

btw personally i take separate my player city from my dev cities that i use for test in main/live server and test server., just for avoid any problems or accusations. expecial becouse not many know i am a 2011 player so when ppl see my multiple 2k /3k army can think i have them becouse i am a dev...

in all fairness since i got involved in the development part of dof i played vs players like 90% less even with my 2011 cities. i believe that if you are a game master of a game you should not play your own game vs players, it always ends bad, this is an experience i matured since 1998 when i was admin and scripter for an ultima online shard....

btw i can ensure players that if anybody from mod team abuse their position for resource/crowns etc, they will get S-K-U-L-L ****ED
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