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Old 05-12-2013, 11:08 PM
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Warbs.. that is already in the works as far as kickstarter goes... placing your own buildings and walls especially is not doable because of the fact you could make endless layers of walls. I liked the rest!

Aeil.. many good ideas there... any many of those are actually being worked on right now.

Pusch.. That sounds like a lot of code... i like the idea... but that might be a possibility AFTER kickstarter has taken off.

Holy... in our meeting today we discussed dragons in detail for a bit... they are getting reworked and i think everyone will enjoy them now.. Trust me, and im not talking about the fact that they never die either As far as bugs go.... the game has made vast improvements especially in the bug squashing department... but as we add more things and tweak things, bugs do occur sadly. We try our best to fix and make the game enjoyable as possible.