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Old 05-12-2013, 04:05 AM
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Thumbs up What would YOU like to see added community?

I have noticed that when we have MOD meetings that, even though there's only a few of us... we come up with some really awesome ideas and many of them actually take form into what your playing right now... that said what would YOU as a community like to see most?

Don't blow this off because when I started playing this game like two years ago (when I was still trying to figure out how the $%# you went about building a windmill!) I gave Kon A few minutes of my time and really told what I thought about the game and quite a few of my suggestions made the cut and are in the game that we all play now. So trust me when I say he really will take a good idea and run with it. For example... The old cities outer wall used to be the inner wall it has now... and nothing even existed outside your cities walls AT ALL before (imagine how small your cities would be!) and now that's clearly not the case.

A couple of guidelines (I'd like to see)

Don't rant on about something... if your going to make a big post about why you think an idea you have is great... take the time to explain why not just because "it'd be cool bro"

Don't ask for dwarves, undead, or dragonkin. They are coming already. Ditto with magic, naval combat,and guilds/alliances. However suggestions about said things are fine, for example "dwarven cities should be underground" ( they are in case you didn't know! )

Don't ask for bug fixes, or things like "Better path finding and a nicer UI"

Ask for actual things/concepts/ideas, you'd like to see in the game that stimulate some brain cells. Even contact me in-game if it comes to mind quickly enough.

So go on... Stimulate my cells baby... Stimulate hard.

EDIT: OH and please keep it realistic... This ain't SEGA or EA. You can't request sync kills or something like that ... there's a small family of people who work on this game, not a giant company.

That all said... I'll go first with just something short and simple I'd Like to see: More city slots.

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