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Old 05-11-2013, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Beefcakes View Post
The current intended cap for gold in game is 500k. They did this because people were making millions of gold over night just by afking with hours of attack protection. If you go over that it jumps to -6k gold a minute, and only gets worse from there. If you keep losing gold for not noticing this, then its your loss. It honestly should be harsher where you don't even earn more gold then your storage limit, so be glad for what it is
show me someone who can make millions over night by beying AFK.

Best way to make gold is with elf possibly with unicorns and sheep altogheter.

Best way i know so far Alpine region of human with sheeps.

but i dont make not even 500k in 1 day with 5 camps ..

Ok cap for gold is 500k well i lost 380k multiple times but by logging off and swiching to another town ..and when i comed back all gold was gone. could there be a glitch as ive only missed 3-5minutes from the human town.

As of the 11 lvl 20 knights well 50 crowns is a joke considering the ammount of gold i paid to make them lvl 20.

I want my full refund back .. cause there were no announcements that gold cap is 500k..

PS: When gold is less than 500k the decay should be -60 not - 500000