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Old 05-11-2013, 01:01 PM
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Angry I lost money too

Yet no admin or any mod helped me yet ..there seems to be a very big problem with gold this days ..
I hate to spend 4-5 hours to fill camps with gold and see that it gets lost in 5minutes when i try to transfer it on other account.
Lost almost 3milions like this 3 days ,,

Also lost 11 units lvl 20 knights ..noone seems to help me with this problem also ..

EVERYONE says decay is max -60gold/minute...yet if u have more than 600k the decay becomes -6000/minute

I really need an admin to help me with a refund or something to fix this gold problems ..hate to loose milions daily because of this ,,and i comed up with a solution.

if u got more than 100k = -60/minute
more than 1000k = -600/minute
more than 10000k = -6000/minute

the decay for keeping gold in a camp and go offline to another city is -380000/minute ...that is absurd.

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