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Old 05-08-2013, 12:24 PM
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there is hard cap at 90% res nothing can go over no combination of basicres+upgrade+formation+ability can go over 90% res

if someone have 100% are bugged units of old patches, or glitch of the skill reset, with is not under my control, i do balancements, not new "feature" implementation.

report that to konstantin or brian. expecial if you can provide logs or you able to replicate the issue.

regards whirlwind 25sec dooldown+less range+ 20 more stamina cost now should fit the balance, let me know.

regards str balancements i rebalanced all str values, but tbh we wanna do a new sytem for the levels becouse the units gain too much of their dmg/hp etc thrue leveles, we wanna cut how an units improve true levels since have major impact on unit effectiveness and augment basic effectiveness. so an unit lev 10 is not that underpowered compared to a lev 20. this will help who fight whit many low lev batallion ppl with less batallion but higher levels
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