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Old 07-20-2008, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by aVeron View Post
Dont you think people will limit 1.000? when you've played this game for a long time? In the beginning of this game, 1.000 will be fine i guess.. whereas everyone isnt so strong. But later on in this game, after several months of playing.. you might have several fortresses..

Lets say you have 4 other fortresses/cities, and you divide those 4 into 1.000, thats 250 men.. for each fortress.. and you wont even have all your troops in your fortresses probobly, they might be out on a quest or somethin', + what you said, the workers.. you'll probobly have around 30-40 workers, probobly even more, which minimizes your amount of troops..

From what i've read you will get to have more then 4 fortresses/cities.. and if so how the **** are you going to defend those against your enemy forces, if you only have max 950men to divide them in?

Yes, thats exacly what i mean! I rather prefer it that way..

i think the maximum of castles you can have is 2.
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