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Old 05-05-2013, 08:42 PM
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My suggestions :

MAINS SUGGESTIONS, very important to fix them :

- Need a better pathfinding on the walls and towers, really.

- Better battle sounds and others sounds (more more more sounds).

- Back to the old font of writing or make the choice at the player.


- Blink on the Chat when the Chat hidden for tell you have new message on the Chat.

- Back "Hold your fire" on the archers.

- More units, more regions, more regions choice for the player or variations of the map and the castle on the same.

- More position control on units like Total War Shogun 2 => yellow mark on the ground and possibility to orient the direction of the units (for look the front of the enemy).

- Better formation for all selected units (army) when you move all selected, spearman in front, archers behind, cavalry on the flanks etc.

- Possibility to invite a friend in your castle.

- Events, like a very big NPC attack on your city on the multiplayer kingdoms or Crusade, a group of four players is needed for defeat a big army of goblins, dwarves, ghosts, centaurs, minotaurs, pirates, or Sauron... (I joking for this one ofc ^^' )

- Banner choice, or possibility to create your own and color of your troops uniforms (and on the map).

- Please make a new skin for the player orc leader, he look like a peasant :S and possibility to choice with others for all races.

I have more suggestions but my english is very limited. Sorry for that ^^

Oh. And congratulations for this greatest game

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