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Old 05-05-2013, 04:10 PM
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Default Units stuck in green shadow every time


Since I bought this game, i had only problem with your game i'm becoming really really REALLY FED UP with this unfinished game i bought 20 euro, that was wrote nowhere CAREFULL GAME NOT FINISH

First was installed in steam & got best freeze i ever had when i click to move unit pack, something like unbelievable freeze for dat kind of graphism, someone told me to install it by installer here, i did it & freeze gone but was a few hours before the patch AND NOW

Every game ---> I make an attack quest then back to city & all unit stuck in green shadow i can't restart this stupid game every quest - All my drivers are up to date i have a quad 3.2 ghz + 6870 hawk - Tried clean uninstall reinstall so many times so many many times and this still remain, unit stuck in green units - Since i bought it i spent more time on internet looking for info on bug instead of playing, for 20 EURO ??? r u kiddin me ? I want this game to be REFUND STEAM never told me that i bought an alpha game i'm ****in fed up with this kind of things, war Z, dOF ! Can you finish your game before release it ? when you buy a single you have the end of your music right ? Ok i have a game unfinished i need a dev to mp me & refund me dat ****