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Gameplay feedback:

Thanks for making the font legible.

As for the texts themselves: *SCNR*

IMO it would improve the overall storytelling if you
a) reduce the amount of dialogue text by 50%
b) remove, say, 90% of the home-brew vocabulary
c) add hints and short flavor texts to the mission log

(I found myself skipping the mission descriptions with their language mix, more so than in other games. So I prefer information like "bring trebuchets" to be in the quest log, not only in mission dialogue.)

Gameplay feedback: Map

I very much enjoy the "roaming the map" farming thing so far, and was just about to get some ogers for my elven army. (Unfortunately all my melee got stuck in green light).
It'd be nice if each region had a description on the main map (elvish, orkish, or human? Or HERE BE DRAGONS for Ssilistra?)
I'd also enjoy seeing more random maps for farming.

Gameplay feedback: Unit selection

It's a bit of a hassle to organize unit groups every single time you enter a map. (Select Archers, Ctrl-Number, move there, Wardens, Ctrl-Number, move there, Cavalry, Ctrl-Number, move over there, wait for the pathfinding to actually find paths, lasso the remaining units, Ctrl-Number, start attacking)

Save the unit hotkeys for each army and load them at the start of each map.

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