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Old 05-05-2013, 01:27 AM
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Default My bigest problem or issue with this game is Resistance

No army should ever get over 70% res.Its crazy when armies reach 100 for a long time or permantly, they become basicly imortal and just run u over in a flash.. and ppl rage about dragons being op donno if they talk about lvl 60 , becuse my royal dragon lvl 13 isnt op, he can get easly killed if grp of arrows hit him and so on, they should just meet a person with high lvl army like grp of bladestorm and knights or grandmaster horse army gg, other wise the game is great and fune but latley is hard when those imortal armys show up:P and kill of ur lvl 10+ armies, and so on, i think it should be a better pvp system or something , i mean its okey system now but it just looking after str of the armie or city , wich can be hard for newbie player, if he havent lvl up strong army yet, anyways keep up the good work, the game haves a bright future i belive.
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