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Old 05-04-2013, 09:30 PM
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Default Lets me give you my small suggestion .

Hi all

Lets me give you my small suggestion .
I want to start with I have 56 hours invested in the game and I spent so far 20$ on the game on steam ! I found this game thanks to Steam !! I spent 20 $ on crowns and then I spent 15$ on another copy of the game you know why ^.^ !! So far haven't regret a single dollar I spent on this !( I only know Human race)

Now over all I simply LOVE the game but here are few stuff that need to be working on.
I barely see any difference between heroes , there should be more variation in stats.
The light infantry is totally useless. there should be a population difference

EX: Knight (2 pop) sword man (1 pop)

The food and wood is very useless you need so little of it compeer to what you get, I sell 10k -20k of each every day keep 1k for small expanses.
There should be some sort of Treasure Vault to increase GOLD max we can keep due to the new upgrade cost.
We need some sort of Guild or something to find people easy for CO-OP.

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