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Old 05-04-2013, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Diivv View Post
Ye i just lost my 2 level 60 green and royal dragons, along with my tribal shaman.... and a few dwarf units....

and also my troop display in the bottom left corner vanished likes yours, and also my chat widow vanished.... so i could not as a gm in game at the time.... and like you re-installing and logging out and in didn't work for me ether....

And this only happened 2 hours after you posted this thread by the way.

Also I'm getting which i forgot to mention in my thread, i can still select my world army, but if i try to get that army to interact with another world army i have or my home town, or any NPC towns, it pops up with the normal window, but there is nothing there, but the two display box's above one another.

So ye, you'r not alone.
I like to get bac my army please let me know how I can get golds and crowns to rebiuld the same army