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Old 05-04-2013, 08:27 AM
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Default Remove patch 10 please

hi ...

Remove patch 10 is full bug i cant play Dawn of fantasy with my Elven, human city

Elven city = my chat disappeared i lost my main army and i can't control my army 2,3


Human city = i can't load my human city after a crash in Dunn Ergast area

and all these problem come just after 1 hour in the game i'm with steam and is not problem with steam because i have friend who has the boxed version and is cant load too its human city .....

i have uinstall and reinstall game and nothing...

i like your job for the great game but please can you test your future patch in a Server Test ? to avoid these problems ?

because i"m not only one having this trouble ...

Thank you in advance for help

Elven city = Eldrasil
Slot 1 in Bolfores'l

Human city = Helgen
Slot 2 in Wold

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