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Originally Posted by Call4God View Post
Swordsman might only have 'slightly' better resists, but at the higher levels even the slightest increase makes an enormous difference. the difference between 85% and 90% resist is the same as adding a whopping +50% hp, and the difference from 75% resists and 90% is adding 250% hp. So as it sits now, it seems Swordsman are better tanks(able to reach 90% against all weapon types), whereas knights do better damage due to magic attack.

My concern is less to do with overpowered/underpowered units, and more to do with the overlapping of roles making a unit obsolete. I don't see many cases where the Knight would be preferable to the Swordsman. In a one-on-one matchup there may be cases where the knight is superior, but the lack of blunt/piercing resistances makes them far less survivable in battle of any size, and this lack of survivabilty negates their stronger damage, as they die before they can bring much of it to bear, and the swordsmen keeps hacking away. =/
Swordsman dmg are purely slash, that can be mitigated much more easly than magic dmg : majority of units not have magic res.

Regards lack of blunt for knights, i just added +15 blunt (crush) res on knights anvil formation. wich is their preferible formation type. ,since add +50% slash dmg an +50% magic dmg so is ideal for melee fight.

if you wanna go vs archers you ca use skirmish formation with knights and reach 80-90% on pierce, and keep a good 70-75% on other res. but you have swordsman as high tanked low dmg infantry for absorb ranged fire.

Btw knights are made for absorb dmg and fight high tanked/dmg units like berserker/grandmasters: Knights have 2x heal personal+area heal (area heal work also on who cast it) have high res, ad magic dmg that bypass armor res.

Consider area heal now do 4hp regen x 20 seconds it means 80hp healed for EACH soldier in the unit so is 80hpx 15 = 1200hp healed + personal heal, so knights are able to mitigate around 2700hp in 20 seconds, they already are the infantry with more hp in game, so in my opinion their ability to stand and fight is even larger than swordsman, they are just less adaptable to situations, since when you chose formations you always sacrifice a lot of res, that make you vulnerable to melee or ranged or cav, while swordsman with line formation+shieldwall are pretty much omni tank
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