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Originally Posted by forandever View Post
.. I'm worrying about the crown units'n not dying at all even if there will be some cost .

<The crown units not dying > can make the faction's difference meaningless.

Suppose there're all crown units regardless of their faction or race..
I agree. I think that as developers you would shoot yourselves in the foot to make all Crown-Costing units basically immortal. I think they should fall under the same system as the regular units, as in they will die if not paid for reviving in some fashion. That would preserve the tactical choices the player would have to make so as not to unnecessarily risk their expensive units.

As for that previous 'Hospital' idea, if such a thing were to be made for this reviving idea, it would have a limited capacity (liable to some various upgrades) and only able to revive units for free over a long period of time and at a cost relative to the level/identity of the unit. A down unit would has a set amount of time before dying permanently (like a few hours or something), and Crowns could be paid to speed up or instantly heal units. Crown-Costing units would have a Crown cost built into them, slow revive or not.

So if there was a big battle that a player lost, they would likely put their best Crown-Costing units in first and either pay Crowns to fix them instantly and get more of their units in, or take the hit to their army and lose the little guys and still preserve the big ones.

Either way, players would get to choose and basically could always save their Crown-Cost units for free or at a Crown-premium, depending on how much of their army they wish to preserve and fight with sooner or later. It would also be a building type that would have a natural encouragement to build more of given their limited capacities and invaluable help to the player, especially late game.
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