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Old 04-30-2013, 04:04 PM
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Default Improvements

Okay okay, i know this game is fairly new, and let me start by saying WooooW u got potential here!.

with that said, potential means room for more

so here goes...

when crossing bridges, my troops rather often fall through the bridge.
dragons have an odd way of flying looks like a wriggling fish although the dragon design itself is rather good.
server stability!!!!
losing troops and items. u guys do a nice job of giving it back, but isnt that annoying?
improve the AI, way to easy to win with backdoor tactic

simplify the lvling system.
okay, we can buy dwarf troops, where is the city i can play??
hmm, we hunt mages? but no mage city we can ruin or build?
a thing i love in these kind of games, espessially when i have to sit and wait for stuff to finish is, to see my city come alive, put in some npc people that go about their day, makes it more fun.
did i just click upgrade? pls make an animation, when u upgrade a building so u can see u upgrade it. and also if u have more of the same buildings, upgrading one should upgrade all, could make it as such that the more, and higher lvl buildings the more expensive it gets to build new ones, and upgrade, to even it.
and finnally religion is a big thing and lots of words play, from relligion..... where the damn church?? let us build a church, or a relligous facililty. could spawn priest (Healing unit) and simpel magic users(support units)?

let me know what u think people...!
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