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Old 04-30-2013, 02:50 PM
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Thanks Brian, I like the idea of fixed cost based on level, it is a reasonable combination. Is a level 20 unit worth 20 crowns? Possibly. It would potentially soften the blow of a major loss. The cost still seems too steep to PvP with a high level army, 50% losses on a 2500 point army would still be staggering from a crown perspective 600-1000 crowns? It certainly makes heros and dragons viable for an army, the majority of units would still have be be left for dead at that rate, I think that I am very efficient in my crown farming, but I would not be able to afford those rates which takes us back to PvP with lower level troops as being a good viable solution under this model with the odd hero or dragon thrown in.

Not a bad solution, and I understand your answer is a first brush at thinking about it and getting feedback.

As a counter and to promote discussion and PvP with higher level troops, and to keep people fighting on the field longer, what are everyones thoughts on a graduated scale weighted toward the victor (yes I know he is already losing less and gaining more, but the idea is to have people trying to win rather than early retreats when things get questionable on the field). Perhaps a .5 x level revive for the victor and .7 for the defeated (rounded up to nearest crown)? Or further weighted where units below level 10 were 1 crown per level then it dropped .5 crowns per level after 10, so at 12 it would cost 11 crowns, at 14 it would cost 12 crowns, etc. A level 20 unit would cost 15 crowns to revive and a level 60 dragon would cost 35.

Target in my opinion should be 300-400 crowns to have your 2000 point army back to something near fighting strength on the outside.
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