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Old 04-30-2013, 08:34 AM
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I have been reading the thread, I was just seeing what people have to say before responding.

I think we'd only add resurrection of units if that's what a majority of players wanted and we could get a good system in place.

It might be something along the lines of how your main Hero and low level Dragons go unconscious instead of dying. We could make it so that the last member of a battalion goes unconscious too. Then to revive them, you have to click a revive button, with a Crown cost based on level e.g. 1 Crown per level regardless of type, so it might not be worth resurrecting a lvl 10 Maceman for 10 Crowns but could be worthwhile resurrecting a lvl 20 Knight for 20 Crowns and it would definitely be worth resurrecting a lvl 1 Dragonslayer for 1 Crown rather than spending 30 on a new one.

If players don't want to revive the unit, they could discard it from their army. The unconscious unit would still add Strength to an army, so not discarding/reviving would risk that army being attacked by a stronger army.

We could add a restriction that you have to transfer units to your homeland before you can revive them, or at the very least they can't be revived until the next scenario.

I don't think this option would make the game pay-2-win, as you'd still be pitted against players of a similar strength.

Battle Rewards:
Players who see the battle to the end but lose do get a Crown reward (half what the winner gets). We did have a reward for those who pay off after joining a battle, but that was removed, although we could re-instate it.

Alternatively, I was also thinking that maybe after 10mins of battle, a player could retreat without having to pay off.

We could also increase rewards generally.

Flag Armies for PvP:
This is something we could add in soon, allowing players to flag an army as available for PvP, even with Attack Protection on.

Arena Battles/Varied PvP:
Some more varied PvP options is something we will be looking at.

Defending allied NPC cities against player attacks is something we are looking to add in the Siegeworks expansion. Players would take command of the city's garrison (not their own units) and fight off a player army to retain control of the city.

Not risking your own units is something we could expand on. For example, we could have several repeatable Border Defense quests, where a player sends his Hero to take command of units on the border and fights off an attacking army. The opposing army would be commanded by a player of the appropriate race, if no player is found (or player declines) then an AI player is used instead.

As players won't be risking their own units, but will still get a small reward, I can see this becoming a popular form of PvP.
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