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Old 04-30-2013, 07:14 AM
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We already thinking to make abilities scale with time , and also to remake the level system so units lev 1 will be less faar from a lev 20 unit in term of tank/dmg , but we need to write the entire system/code and now there is alreay a priority list for other things, pathfinding, ui, guild/clan system, ladders, balancement, strenght calculation for units/heroes/dragons

Regards abilities i have think of something lik this : for example a +1% effectiveness for level. (+1% always from basic value) so if pray is 5hp/sec, at lev 1, at lev 20 will be like 0,1% x20 +5hp/sec = 7hp/sec
If whirlwind is 300 slash dmg at lev 1, at lev 20 should be 3 x 20 = 3x20 = 60, so 360 dmg

i am giving example but thats the idea. can be 2% or 3% it will depend.

in the next 2 week we finish the balancement, than we gonna work on new things
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