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Originally Posted by Laradon View Post
Dragons are awesomely strong in PvP. They have a max of 290 runspeed, so only the fastest cavalry can catch em. If they destroyed the cavalry with firewall or the enemy does not have any cavalry, nothing can stop it anymore. A dragon is not meant to clash with the enemies melees, you could forever run away and harass em until every single enemy is dead. You just used it wrong and there can't be any rebalancings for bad play imo or those who allready used it correctly get a OP boost. If I kill royal dragons in PvP I'm always thanking him silently for not running away. As the dragon is counted for an awesome amount of battlestrength, I would lose every single fight in which I dont manage to take down the dragon or make the enemy pay out.

As far as Battlestrength of Dragons is concerned, It can't be lowered. The synergy effect of 2 or 3 Dragons combined is just too strong, spaming Firewall or Fireball 3 times makes even the toughest units drop instantly. And hit and run tactics are greatly enhanced If you can let 1 or 2 dragons attack while the other can rest up.
Have u tried surrounding him? Although the dragon is fast, if he want to strike the enemy he must be close to the enemy(except fireball).And even the fireball is useless If the target(even the slow melee units) run towards the Dragon

Once.. just once he's surrounded, and the opponent takes a chance of loosing some of his units and doesn't fall back, the dragon will Surely Die, 99%.
As I wrote above, he becomes stunned when he's surrounded by melee units(2 or more groups).

My writting was focused on that fact

Surrounding him by my mounted knights I killed many dragons with almost no dmg recieved.

Suppose the enemy's melee units always move together. The dragon can't attack, if want to win or if want to survive !!!. Dont tell me he's awesomely strong, I lost many dragons , and I killed many dragons without any dragon in my army. All Dragon army has its risk too, just think of 120 crowns or the gold or the time that's needed for 1 single dragon. The opponets may lose some of his units, but one single dragon loss is no match for that. As I repeat and repeat.. if the opponet dont hesitate to lose some of his units, he can surely kill them one by one.

The firewall and fireball takes much time to use that ability, I mean, posing time to use that ability. Dont exaggerate that ability. Single firewall or fireball cant kill the knights or melee units. And.. just a little move is enough to evade the fireball and firewall. And if many points are spent to stamina, his melee attack becomes low. He couldnt kill the knights with his twice attack. My lv 58 Royal dragon has above 1700 attk(has 400 stamina) but he couldnt kill swordsman lv 1~2 unit group with his single melee blow. U know what ? The Dragon's melee attack takes a little time too and has weakness to loose formation. And most units can have great defence on slash, moderate defence on crush(Dragon melee attk = half slash, half crush)..

Once he's surrounded, he becomes stunned with doing nothing but defence pose without doing any dmg to enemys. While the dragon is stunned he sometimes use firewall automatically to make his stamina points sometimes minus value.

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