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Old 04-29-2013, 06:08 PM
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Just as a confirmation, are there plans to change those Toggle State Ability mechanics anytime soon? Those are the troubles with the displayed Attack Move in the long description, but it also applies to other toggle on/off abilities like Shield Wall and the like.

To briefly restate the problem, an overall group selected with a mix of Toggled On and Toggled Off states will only display the top-of-the-stack-unit's state. Instead of turning all units in the new group into the cooresponding state when the player clicks on it again, it instead switches all states to their opposite, not to what the top-unit necessarily displays. This is non-intuitive and misinforms the player, causing unit misbehavior that is unwanted and potentially game-breaking.

The solution is when selecting a group of units with a mix of Toggle On and Toggle Off, the next time the player clicks on a toggle, the displayed state should apply to the select group as a whole, and put them into that particular state. So if the top unit displays Attack Move On in the mixed group and I click it Off, all units in the mixed group should all become Attack Move Off, not an invisible switch.

I believe this is the most important and simple problem to fix in my whole original suggestion, and from the responses it seems others have also encountered this irksome problem. Fixing it therefore will vastly improve player control in battles and reduce control frustrations immensely.
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