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Old 04-29-2013, 05:34 PM
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I would be interested in seeing what a current developer thinks of this thread. There hasn't been a comment on it yet from their perspective, despite this being one of the better ideas on the suggestion forum right now.

As to reply to the 'Pay-To-Win' comment, reviving dead units wouldn't be pay-to-win at all. Since Crowns can be obtained in abundance by any player, it isn't like only those who pay for them could possibly revive units. And it isn't buying units fresh that is the matter but rather covering up a mistake basically. If someone pays for that, it's Pay-To-Lose-Less more than anything. A player who can possibly revive units simply is less irritated with a crushing army loss, more apt and able to rejoin PvP in the future, and overall more satisfied since the hope for saving expensive/beloved units still exists.

Not to mention another great use for Crowns, which should delight the developers to no end...

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