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Old 04-29-2013, 03:18 PM
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the problem is strenght value is shared between dragons and heroes that means if i lower dragons i lower also heroes, dragons are not made for tank 10 enemy units in middle of the melee fight, becouse each soldier in a batallion apply his dmg, so if your knights do 500 dmg in truth is 500 dmg x 15, dragon is a lone unit linked to his animation for apply dmg, this is why is hard to balance. i my final consideration i wanna dragon to value around 200 strenght, as much as 10 lev 20 units. and heroes to value around 5-6 units lev 20. so around 80-100 strenght at lev 60
Dragons are made for harass, and fight/kill maximum 2-5 units. consider also combination, dragon dmg augment also with battle roar from heroes, getting around 2700 dmg.
Dragons are a force multiplier not a main hp buffer/tank

i just finished next balance patch expecial around elf abilities such as whirlwind, tackle ,than i am gonna work on strenght values for units than i return on dragons lowering 25%.30% strenght value and maybe augmenting hp by another 15-20k hp (an increae of roughly 22% )

i lowered also dmg multiplicator bonus on spear troops vs dragons and monsters, lowered also all dmg hero expecial dmg multiplicator for dragon slayer
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