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Old 04-29-2013, 05:16 AM
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Originally Posted by SmokiththeeHerb View Post
Why do you keep merging my posts? So people have less of a chance to read them? Please do not mess with my posts, its for the community and your own sake for them to be available for others to read and see whats really going on. What is a log.txt file, and where can it be found?
log.txt files can be found in your game folder. There's no need to convert them or anything like that, you just have to attach them to your post/thread.

I'm sorry for the issues, but DEVs are working on them and fixing them on daily basis.

About refund - try to contact

P.S. I have merged all your threads to just one so it would be easier for DEVs and you to track issues/solution.
Community Manager - feel free to PM me about any game related issue, bug, question...