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Old 04-29-2013, 03:58 AM
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Dragons are awesomely strong in PvP. They have a max of 290 runspeed, so only the fastest cavalry can catch em. If they destroyed the cavalry with firewall or the enemy does not have any cavalry, nothing can stop it anymore. A dragon is not meant to clash with the enemies melees, you could forever run away and harass em until every single enemy is dead. You just used it wrong and there can't be any rebalancings for bad play imo or those who allready used it correctly get a OP boost. If I kill royal dragons in PvP I'm always thanking him silently for not running away. As the dragon is counted for an awesome amount of battlestrength, I would lose every single fight in which I dont manage to take down the dragon or make the enemy pay out.

As far as Battlestrength of Dragons is concerned, It can't be lowered. The synergy effect of 2 or 3 Dragons combined is just too strong, spaming Firewall or Fireball 3 times makes even the toughest units drop instantly. And hit and run tactics are greatly enhanced If you can let 1 or 2 dragons attack while the other can rest up.

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