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Old 04-28-2013, 09:36 PM
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Unhappy Fragile, thy name is dragon

Please, check.. Dragon is really weak on PvP for his army power.

Just have a try. For example, lv 20 units from the city(melee and ranged and mounted) VS lv 60 Royal Dragon as a same Army Strength.

I tried many times.. I lost 5 Royal dragons.. they were all above the lv 40. One was above lv 50. (now I have just 1 Royal drag lv 58)

Sometimes my dragon fought with my Cavalry, archers and knights(whoes lv is all above lv 10~15), Sometimes my dragon fought alone(1 Dragon army)

But It was hopeless.. Check it out how many times I won PvP(103 win). I won almost case without dragon in my army(more than 50 times?). But I lose almost case(20 or more times?) when I was with my Royal Dragon.

Dragon is useless on PvP.. totally useless except the case opponent is over-estimating the Dragon's Power and fall back or the case opponent is cautious beginner.
The dragon's only worth lies in Quest. and plus maybe when defending the city(not as a fighter role, but as a hitting seige weapon and run role)

The most big problem is.. as I wrote before..

The Dragon can do nothing for a few seconds whenever he's surrounded by 2 or more groups of enemy's melee or mounted unit. (the enemy unit's lv doesn't matter, I think. That means even by lv 1 units)

It means for about 5~10 seconds he's just stunned, only doing defence pose with his wings and doing no damage on enemy units.

For a few seconds, he can't use fireball, firewall, and cant attack(melee), cant move at all.

And for that moments.. Dragon is significantly damaged(he lost a lot of HP for that monents with doing nothing damage(melee, firewall, fireball) on enemy units.

I tried hit and run with Dragon's fast speed and charging DMG .. but It was useless too, when the enemy melee units move together. The dragon couldn't give them a little dmg. Firewall is useless too, when the melee foot guys or mounted guys move quickly and while using firewall or fireball, he's just a sandbag, a dummy. There's no reason to take a risk to use firewall. Using firewall => means a dummy with doing little dmg to enemy and Being surrounded with melee guys=> Death is near quickly.

When the opponent of my dragon take a risk of loosing a few units, he can kill or defeat my dragon so easily.. The dragon's lv is not important. He is weak at low lv, weak at high lv too. There's no need of Dragon Slayer unit.

Compare the case " lv 20 knight(1 Group) VS lv 1~5 knights(or swordsman) " as a same army strength.

Please.. Please check it... Dont let my 4 or 5 Royal dragons' death unworthy.

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