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Originally Posted by Call4God View Post
Swordsman might only have 'slightly' better resists, but at the higher levels even the slightest increase makes an enormous difference. the difference between 85% and 90% resist is the same as adding a whopping +50% hp, and the difference from 75% resists and 90% is adding 250% hp. So as it sits now, it seems Swordsman are better tanks(able to reach 90% against all weapon types), whereas knights do better damage due to magic attack.

My concern is less to do with overpowered/underpowered units, and more to do with the overlapping of roles making a unit obsolete. I don't see many cases where the Knight would be preferable to the Swordsman. In a one-on-one matchup there may be cases where the knight is superior, but the lack of blunt/piercing resistances makes them far less survivable in battle of any size, and this lack of survivabilty negates their stronger damage, as they die before they can bring much of it to bear, and the swordsmen keeps hacking away. =/
Yes 85% resist and 90% resist means, that a 500 damage enemy will do either 75 or 50 damage, it's a big difference. And its even worse then you think, because its not only plus 50% more, but a bit over it, because the unit that gets attacked has alot more time to regenerate too. Actually its far more. Thats why changes to the resistance are probably the biggest cuts. Especially on melees that get attacked by multiple enemies at once in combat. Makes me a bit confused about the Grandmasters resist change, those seem fine at this point and they still get alot of damage against equal strong enemies or even die against maxed damage ranged _while_ battle frenzy is up. Sometimes making a unit underpowered or overpowered can be just 5% resist away. Also if you miss the battle frenzy rebuff you get tremendous damage within seconds you really gotta hammer that ****. I would leave the GMs like they are atm. Especially if units of other races can constantly hold that 90% without losing energy etc. Grandmaster really have to rush the combat, if they run out it's over. At this point, smaller cuts on the other attributes are more worthy. I think larger squads always got to have less resists then smaller ones, Grandmasters and Knights are one of the smallest. They get attacked by more enemies from larger squads at once. So Swordsman must have less imo and Knights more. Heavily Armored Knights should have more from an RPG point of view, too. And they are so slow that the slowness has to be countered by something. Btw you should make em stop losing energy if they run, their move and runspeed is the same.

Also the Battlestrength system is still in much disarray. Ofc people will lose more, if 500 strong armies are marked as 400 or even 300 because those numbers bug around all the time.

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