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Originally Posted by Call4God View Post
I had forgotten they added magic damage to knights. That could very well be the kicker to keep knights as the shock troop of choice. :)
I not added magic i augmented it, many months ago their dmg was 100+3 magic. wich was completely useless becouse even at 500 slash dmg magic dmg was like 12-15.

So i rebalanced them to have less slash but more magic dmg, to be something unique, a high tanked unit with lower dmg than berserker/grandmaster but whit magic dmg able to bypass armors, even if is a small % of the total.

consider grandmaster have magic res so they are ideal for fight knights, since they can block a good 60-70% of their magic dmg, but knights are tough, and grandmaster after 1 minute will end stamina for keep frenzy up. Knights have more hp than any other high armored infantry in game, and only slighly less res than swordsman/slayers

btw in next patch i am lowering grandmasters res, augment stamina cost of whirlwind and lower the dmg, same for tackle, i also added a cooldown of 15 seconds so it cant be spammed continuously lowered also dmg of leap for orcs.

And many other small balancements expecial for heroes (overall less dmg) expecial for warlord that is able to combine together 2 dmg abilities that allow to reach unreasonable dmg levels .

Goblin will get hiding, aswell another small hp and dmg boost. and orc cavalry get some love also.
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