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Old 07-17-2008, 07:13 AM
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Originally Posted by iceblast View Post
what else would a rts be about... tea and biscuits... that was a stupid comment.
ahahah how very strategic of you i shall now dunk my biscuit in your tea i win :P

Yeah i agree with them also, you cant want to know everything instantly, i mean the developers havent finished making it so they could tell us things they plan to do then we could be let down when they dont appear.
Also some games the public know everything about, take assassins creed, we knew exactly how it was going to function, exactly what we were going to do and exactly how to do it before the game even came out, it was a good game dont get me wrong but it never lived up to its hype due to us knowing everything about it (no surprises to make us pleased)

I hope this game is good of course and i hope it has good micro and macro but the main thing is not to just concentrate on one or the other but find a balance as was already pointed out

And whoever said Command and Conquer surely hasnt played the older versions at least, they were just whoever had the most troops wins no strategy at all really
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