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Old 04-27-2013, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Call4God View Post
Two concerns of mine with this latest patch.

First and far more important, is that Bladestorms are god-mode. Even just a handful of the NPC randoms on the "view area" map took 3 groups of level 10 swordsman(70/90/90% resist) down to less than half health almost instantly.

Second concern of mine, is if knights are still worth their weight. Swordsman in battle line+shield wall have more HP and much better resists, and move at almost the exact same speed. Knights do slightly more damage per model, but the lower amount of them cancels out any damage bonus the individual models had. As it sits, knights only real bonus is the heal, which has been super nerfed as I understand it, so I have to wonder if knights really have any place in a human army other than looking cool?
I would be careful with the knights, I fought lotsa lvl 20 Knights and the only problem that I saw, was, that people didnt max the damage on em but put too many points in Health. You shouldnt fail to notice that they are the only Units at this point, that deal magic damage. Only 50 of their magic damage is equal to 500 points of any other damage if the unit they fight has 90% resists. And they can have alot more of that magic damage now. I will definetly try out an Knight army on my humans in PvP soon and take a look at whats capable with that magic dam now.
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