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Old 04-27-2013, 06:59 AM
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humans have the lowest dmg of all 3 races.

compare class, like: swordsman-slayers-sentry. or knights berserker grandmasters, humans are always last in therms of dps.

1) knights in term of damage are behind berserker and behind grandmasters, you have 100% res must be a bug, the maximum res you can reach is 90 and i am talking about slash for knights., or you not played recently. we inserted a hard cap for 90% res plz check again.

2) going to check unicorn if they need again a nerf

3) elfs are weak on low levels, and are a hard race to master, but at high levels they are very good. is the most difficoult race to play, formation change cost a lot, all units have abilities. high dmg but low h they require a lot of micromanagent.

4)bladestorm will get a small nerf sunday, in terms of res. but is all about what you use for stop them, theyr direct-counter is berserker or footknights

5) this is a fantasy-rpg-rts game, not a reconstruction of Agincourt, i dont know what cavalry you use, but mounted knights chew archers like nothing, and tank a lot. is one of the most tanked unit of humans, and the one that have more hp for soldier. if you use correct formation they are fast enought to avoid archers volley at long range, and also have 70%+ pierce res.

6) i am gonna augment range of trebs

7) use cannons if you wanna outrange city defences.

8) fire do a lot at low levels and to archers/ranged, if we raise more the fire dmg , fight will be all about run to fire.

9) archers got hp boosted as well res. fire arrow dmg bypass armor res you now that?
firearrow dmg got also recently augmented
Regards xbowman i am changing a bit of their dmg to crush, so is more spot on vs tanked troops (tank troops lower res will be always crush )

Regard orcs, tbh slayers+berserker are one of best infantry combination in game
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