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Old 04-27-2013, 03:53 AM
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Default my 2 cents.

sry just a little bit of a Middle ages history buff here reason for me buying this game I am not going into great detail just skimming along with some things that I have noticed.

1. Knights are OP once u get them to level 10+ the resistances are a little too high, you can get knights with 10 health per second more if u put points into it, and the bonus from using pray, 20k life per group and quite a bit of damage. my knights are currently level 15-16 and I have 100% resistance to slash damage I have no idea how I got it to that point.

here is a screenshot of the 100% slash.

2. unicorns attack too fast with a knockback the knock back stops your troop from attacking at all, if you do not have more then 1 person attacking that unicorn you will lose 100% of the time.

3. Elf has very low health even for the melee troops they die very quickly at the start and if you cannot afford to level them up with training at the cities it will deter alot of people away from playing elf because of how easy their units die.

4. bladestorm is highly OP, if you run into a group of enemies and just use bladestorm you can kill their entire force in a matter of seconds.

5. Calvary is a total joke in this game to be honest with you, Calvary were used as anti archer hit and run tactics in the middle ages, Calvary in this game can charge archers yes, but will they make it to the archer force before they are cut down by the archers, it does not happen that often. knights would charge archer forces with their shields raised to not get cut down by the arrows while they make it to the archer line.

6. Trebs are a total joke, their range is very low the art of attacking a city the enemy city archers should not out range trebs no matter what, no where in history has a archer in a castle or tower been able to shoot at the enemy long range siege equipment.

7. back to trebs again, the accuracy of defence siege equipment is far too accurate, I have Siege'd some people and have had all my trebs I am talking about 20 of them here as a test, totally destroyed by enemy defence trebs before I can even down a wall. this is with the Siege bonus perk.

8. Fire does not do enough damage, if a Soldier was to catch on fire his rags would burn and he would die of heat being unable to put it out in heavy armor and or take the armor off.

9. archers are pretty much useless late game, their life and damage is pretty pitiful against anything with high resistance, even crossbow are not that great late game, crossbow in the middle ages were used as basically the snipers of the age, they were able to pierce the toughest plate armor with deadly accuracy and even make it through shields or stick into shields about half way to full penetration depending on the material.

I can go on and on about humans and elfs, I have not tried the 3rd race because of the rumors of how terrible they are. I almost deter away from elfs when I first started because of the bad rumors and rep they got, I must admit elfs are not that great either.

Humans are the go to race for everything, easy wins high resistance units, high health units, high damage units, easy win.

just my 2 cents on stuff I have seen.

before anyone says wait till end game, I have played elfs at lvl 20 and humans at lvl 20, I keep deleting cities and starting over, Humans are the go to race for easy mode.
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